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hey there. my name is basile. I don't really like any pronouns at the moment, and would prefer you just call me basile, or baz, or one of my many usernames across the years. if that gets tough grammatically, they/them works, but please avoid it.

I fester in very few places across the internet these days, but I do like having a small website scrapped together by my hands, as infrequently as I do update it.

in the past few years, I've kind of slowed down on doing much of anything. some combination of fear and abuse and other mental fuck-arounds. I'm hoping to move on from that, and this is part of the process. feel free to help me by poking these webpages around a bit.
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I'm back again, and about time toohosted by Neocities! sign my guestbook from 2014, lolmy laptop is too old and shitty to run win10 You were diagnosed with GAYapocalypse posadist accelerationism to reach inkopolis in 10 years
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add me! ~ SW-2999-4414-7390
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